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The worst tattoo mistakes | Horikyo Tattoo Design

1-Do not tattoo someones name or portrait

It may feel like the person will always be in your heart and deserves to get that special attention. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest and most common mistakes. The reason is...no matter how you feel, how in love you are right now, you may not last forever. You do not want an ex's name on you forever, especially when you find someone new. But there is an exception : this may be a good idea if you are considering the name or face of your child or parents.

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2- Do not get a cheap and nasty tattoo
As Kat Von D from the hit TV show LA Ink says:
"Good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good. Far too many times, people choose an artist based on price. That should be the last priority on your list when it comes to getting a tattoo." (Source

3- Never agree to get a tattoo when you're in the wrong state of mind
If you're drunk, depressed or under pressure, don't get a tattoo done. You know it's a whim when you find yourself in a tattoo studio and you hadn't even considered getting a tattoo the night before! It's good to be spontaneous, but not with something that will last you the rest of your life. Source

4- Choose the right design

Choosing the right design is absolutely vital to the amount of pleasure you get from your tattoo. Do not compromise on what you want. The final choice of tattoo design must be yours. After all, you're the one who'll have to live with it. Source

5- Finally, the tattoo and aftercare

On the day your tattoo is created, a better overall affect will be achieved if you are well slept and well fed. If you are tense, full of stress or restless, it will take longer and the tattoo won't be as perfect. Once completed, most tattoos will take up to a month to heal properly. During the whole healing process, follow the aftercare recommendations of your tattoo artist. Source
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