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Rihanna's New Tribal Tattoo | TATTOO DESIGN

new tattoo, ccellebrity tattooRihanna has always got some surprise up her sleeve!

The other night at a UNICEF event held in New York, Rihanna donned a new tattoo, this time on her hand.
The tattoo, which is very eye-catching and exotic, is one she got in New Zealand while she was on tour.
Riri explains: "It's tribal. It represents strength and love. I've always wanted one."
But there's one catch, this tattoo wasn't drawn in the usual ways, but in the traditional way that Maori's (the native people of New Zealand) do it! And it hurts like hell!

Riri's boo, Chris Brown, also got a matching tribal Maori tattoo.

Speaking of tattoos, both Riri and Chris have a cluster of stars tattooed on the back of their necks.

new tattoo, ccellebrity tattooWhat do you think of Riri's new tribal tattoo? Do you like it? Would you get one like it?

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